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The following guide containing information about buying Ragdoll kittens online is provided solely to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a Ragdoll kitten on the internet.

Purchase Ragdoll kittens on the Internet Use a form of payment that offers payment protection to purchase your Ragdoll kitten online. Most major credit cards or Paypal offer some form of payment protection. DO NOT use Western Union. Ask questions, the Ragdoll breeder should care where and how the Ragdoll kitten is going to live. Check the Ragdoll breeders references and be sure to include veteranarian references. Ragdoll breeders have a close relationship with their vet due to the necessary c-sections, ultra sounds, and artificial insemination. Ask for new pictures of the Ragdoll kitten or kittens. You can request a picture with your name written on a piece of paper and another angle of the Ragdoll kitten or request a specific item be added to a new picture of the Ragdoll kitten, like a soda can or crayon. This insures the breeder actually has the Ragdoll kitten and hasn't stolen the pictures, they steal pictures of our Ragdoll kittens constantly. Be cautious of broken English or not being able to speak over the phone and only by email. Look for kittens born and bred in the U.S.A. Also be cautious when you hear a lot of religious references, like God bless you, God be with you, etc. They often use religion as a tactic to build trust. Find out what kennel clubs the are associated with, a scammer will most likely not be affiliated with Ragdoll clubs.

Ragdoll Internet SCAMS There are lots of internet scams that hurt both the new Ragdoll kitten buyer and the honest Ragdoll breeder. Scammers will steal Ragdoll kitten pictures from Ragdoll breeder's websites and advertise them as their own. Their prices are usually to good to be true. They often want the money sent by wire or Western Union because you have no recourse if they rip you off. Scams are often initiated from outside of the country. If they say they are in the country you can tell them you will be picking up the Ragdoll kitten and then they will say the Ragdoll kitten is in another state and they will deliver. They usually won't communicate by phone. An informed Ragdoll buyer is a happy Ragdoll buyer. Do your research and get references.

Avoiding Ragdoll SCAMS Online Getting references, current pictures, and paying with credit card will help you avoid scams. Have them email you a picture with a different angle and request they include a piece of paper with your name written on it in the picture or have them add an item you discuss like a soda can or crayon, something unique. Also talk directly to the person and trust your gutt. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

Find Ragdoll kittens Using Search Engines Searching for "Ragdoll kittens", "Ragdoll kittens for Sale", "Ragdoll kittens for Sale", or "Ragdoll Breeder" in a search engine like Google or Yahoo will return hundreds of thousands of results for Ragdoll kittens. Unfortunately the top results from these searches do not always equate to high-quality, scam-free Ragdoll kittens. Look for Ragdoll websites that are established. For example, I've been breeding Ragdolls for more than 12 years and my website has been active for 9 years. A young Ragdoll website has little to risk by scamming or defrauding Ragdoll kitten buyers.

Use caution when clicking on paid advertisements for Ragdoll kittens within the search results. These can easily lead to fly-by-night fradulent websites.

Find Ragdoll kittens Using Pet Forums and Blogs Finding Ragdoll kittens on pet blogs and forums is another way you may come across Ragdoll kittens for sale on the internet. Comments on these sites are typically littered with spam links to Ragdoll kitten websites. Websites try to place their web address all over the internet so search engines will count them as an inbound link to that website and drive the website to the top of search results. It's a waste of your time when it comes to finding quality Ragdoll kittens.

Find Ragdoll kittens on Breeder Classifieds Sites These are websites where breeders will list their kittens for sale, an example is You'll want to exercise extreme caution when looking for a Ragdoll kitten on these types of sites, they are littered with scammers. A nice feature of is they provide a meter next to each Ragdoll kitten listing that measures the quality of the listing, so it's pretty obvious to spot the scammers. You should generally avoid using these sites to select a Ragdoll kitten, there are simply too many scams.

Find Ragdoll kittens on Reseller Websites Similar to breeder classifieds, the difference being that these websites are the middle-man between you and the Ragdoll breeder. A good place to look, but you'll find the Ragdoll kittens there are much more expensive, typically $3000 or more.

Find Ragdoll kittens From Newspaper Claissifieds I used to use newspaper classifieds early on in my breeding days. You can still get scammed even though you are not online, but typically the only downside is your selection is very limited.

Find Ragdoll kittens From A Pet Store A little research on the Internet and you'll discover, for every breed of dog, that pet stores typically get their dogs from kitten mills. I do not know this to be true or not.

How do I find a good Ragdoll Breeder?
There are many Ragdoll breeders. The best way to find a Ragdoll breeder is by referral from a Ragdoll owner. You can also find them online, in magazines, or even referred by a vet. Finding a Ragdoll breeder is the easy part, getting references and other due diligence is the important part.

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